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Speech Prep Package
  3 one-hour coaching sessions    practice assignments    optional on-site rehearsal    phone or skype pep talk
Cost: $450, Student rate: $375

Session 1: Content


We will work through a draft of your speech, with attention to structure, tone, word choice, grammar, and use of rhetorical devices. 

Session 2: Delivery    
For each line of your speech or section of your presentation, we will practice methods to effectively convey your message. 

Session 3: Practice  
This session will be held at the venue where you will be speaking, if possible.  We will make sure you are ready for your speech by anticipating potential obstacles and preparing accordingly.   

Pep Talk 
Either the evening before or the day of your speech, Ariela will call you by phone or Skype to remind you of key tips to remember during your speech, and to boost your confidence that you have the skills to sound your best! 

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