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Accent Modification

Learn strategies to minimize an accent's interference with your speech and reduce listeners' misunderstandings.

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A foreign or regional accent is a characteristic of your speech that is integral to your identity. Your language background is a part of who you are, and should be celebrated. That said, an accent can be frustrating if people don't understand you - and you deserve to be heard! 







Accent coaching is much like athletic training. Speech is the result of a complex pattern of muscle movements that we perfect as children. We are all "pro-athletes" in our native languages, but speaking a second language or an unfamiliar dialect of English is a completely different sport. With clear pronunciation instruction, supportive coaching, and dedicated practice, you can sound your best in English!




You may benefit from accent & dialect modification if: 

  • people often ask you to repeat yourself

  • listeners assume you don't speak English well, even though your language skills are       advanced in writing and on exams

  • you are perceived to be rude or aggressive when that is not your intent

  • people have a difficult time understanding you on the phone

  • you avoid saying certain words because you are embarrassed of your pronunciation

  • your friends and coworkers can't tell when you are being sarcastic or making a joke 

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