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Client Testimonials

"When I began to study accent modification and advanced ESL with Ariela, I didn't know anything about the phonetics of English. I had only studied grammar before I started my class with her. She is an extraordinary teacher who helps you understand the way sounds in your native language are different than English. She also shows you not just how to improve pronunciation, but also how Americans communicate in daily interactions. 

The practice recordings Ariela makes are so useful and help me retain information from precious classes. She has specific practice materials for my native language, which is Spanish. This helped me improve my pronunciation and my vocabulary.  I am so proud of having Ariela to teach me accent modification. I recommend her because she is a person who truly cares about the special training you need. She doesn't teach you a lot of words without explaining meaning and pronunciation. Ariela provides me with the advice and training I need to really help me to sound better." 

~ Sindis Meza

"This has been a fantastic experience. I went in for feminizing speech therapy and Ariela was able to help me figure out my insurance before we even got started! We went in depth into what makes the voice work and they were consistently able to provide a satisfying answer to all my many questions. Changing my voice is a very long process, but I've already had comments on how different I sound. I'm completely satisfied here, and I plan on coming back for further lessons!"

~ H.B.

“As a voice over artist, I find myself frequently challenged by the volume of work the field has to offer. Ariela has not only helped me hone my craft and perfect my style, she has empowered me with confidence and the professional consistency to keep momentum in such a difficult but rewarding field."  

 ~ Michael Messina

"I always looked forward to my sessions with Ariela and bragged to friends about how wonderful she is. The extra time she put in to make and listen to recordings between sessions was so helpful. I plan to continue to use all of the recordings to practice even though our sessions are over. I truly feel like I have made so much progress, and Ariela provided me with so many strategies and tools to continue practicing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
~ A. H.

"This past October I was given the privilege of being the maid of honor in my best friends wedding! As happy as I was to take on the role, the thoughts of doing a speech were paralyzing me with fear!! I knew I was going to need some coaching and help on getting through the big day, and that's where Ariela, and her company Sound Your Best came into play! 

From the moment I contacted her, I felt at ease and instantly taken care of.  During our first meeting, she helped me to comprise a list of key things that I could use to make my speech the best it could, went over what the best format/breakdown would be to use and how to shake my nerves when talking to a room of people. Not only does Ariela remain incredibly professional, but she genuinely cares for her clients and that showed through the way she spoke to me and encouraged me.

I would come into my sessions with her as a lamb, and leave feeling like a lioness!
 When it came down to giving the speech on the big day, I felt so prepared and worry free that I had wondered what made me nervous all along! I was able to smile, command the room and leave my best friend (the bride) in tears...happy tears of course!If you are looking to overcome your fear of public speaking in order to make someone's special day even better, then do not hesitate to get some professional guidance from this incredibly amazing woman! I promise you, you will be happy you did!"  

~ Kristen Z.

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