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Initial Consultation 



Your consultation with Ariela can be held in person or over the phone. This is an opportunity for Ariela to hear how you speak naturally,  listen to any concerns you have about your accent, and answer your questions about accent modification. 



$350 includes assessment, follow-up session, & report


If accent modification is the right choice for you, a one-hour assessment session will be scheduled to comprehensively evaluation your speech patterns in English. It is not a test!  The assessment session is designed for Ariela to gain insight into your accent.  


One week after your assessment, Ariela will share your assessment report with you in a half-hour session. This report will break down the status quo of your speech, and outline a plan for accent modification training. Ariela will customize the plan to meet your personal and professional goals.  

Training Sessions



Accent modification sessions are one hour in length and address more than just pronunciation. Expect to practice the rhythm, intonation, rate, and prosody of English too! At the end of each sesion, you will be given practice materials to take home, including customized recordings.


* Discounts offered on bundles of sessions and for group sessions. Student discount also available















Accent Modification Training

Workshops & Seminars

prices available by request


Ariela can come to your office, community center, house of worship, or language school for accent modification seminars. Workshops and seminars can be designed for groups who share a native language or dialect, or for audiences with diverse language backgrounds.


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